The idea for The Christmas Tree Angel came about during the Christmas Season of 2013 when my daughter Charlotte was trying to place our angel ornament on the top of our tree, which was out of her reach. We decided together that maybe the angel would work her way to the top of the tree by Christmas if she knew how much we wanted her at the top. During the holidays on a trip visiting my sister Beth, we discussed the difficulty of trying to manage the message of Christ’s birth and our Christian teachings with Santa Claus! So with Beth, her husband Jason, and my husband Matthew, the idea of The Christmas Tree Angel took flight.AboutAuthor

I come from a large family of 4 sisters, a brother, and parents that have been married over 45 years! Christmas is my favorite season and I have always strived to “Keep Christ in Christmas!” I have seen however, even with my own children, that the younger the kids are, the harder it is for us to keep the true meaning of Christmas in the forefront during the season. That is, Christ’s birth and the meaning of that gift to us. It seems we are all bombarded with Santa Claus and getting, getting, getting. Although I knew that trying to teach many Christian values and messages at one time during the season to my children would be too much to handle at their younger ages; I knew I could focus on the simple message of “good deeds” and treating others with respect and thoughtfulness. We can use the Christmas Tree Angel as a helpful messenger of Christ’s teachings during this special time. Teaching that giving, giving, giving, through helping others, caring, and going out of your way to be kind each day, can be rewarded spiritually with a cheerful goodness that one can feel deep inside. That is what is emphasized in The Christmas Tree Angel Storybook. I hope that The Christmas Tree Angel and her message is added to your family’s Christian teachings and growth in Christ. I am also excited about the Activity Journal so I can capture my kid’s good deeds and help them reflect on their day. I know I will treasure this when they have kids of their own!

I am a graduate of Troy University and The University of South Alabama. After obtaining a M.S. in Biology, I began teaching science in Mobile, Alabama at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School. After some time off to be a stay at home mom and raise my kids, Duncan now 12 and Charlotte now 10, I have returned to teaching. I currently teach Junior High Science in Daphne, Alabama. I have always been fortunate to be handy at drawing, crafting, sewing, gardening, and all things creative and hands-on.

My family and I wish you the most joyous of Christmas Seasons and hope that your Christmas Tree Angel’s assent up your tree is one that will never be forgotten. May this journey of good deeds not only become a yearly tradition, but I hope that it will bring about a life changing habit of yearlong giving and caring.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,
Lynn P. Williams
CEO Williams and Loudermilk, LLC
Co-Author and Illustrator of The Christmas Tree Angel