The Christmas Season is one of the most special times of the year. Your family will be making memories and have special moments that will last forever. We hope that your incorporation of The Christmas Tree Angel into your Holiday Season will be another special tradition that will continue year after year. Doing Good Deeds shows that you care about those around you. And best of all, it spreads Holiday Cheer! Doing Good Deeds makes everyone happy. We hope you can use some of our ideas as a stepping stone to propel you into this journey.


  • Taking out the garbage
  • Helping with dinner preparation
  • Setting the table
  • Using proper table manners
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Leaving a nice note or drawing for someone you care about
  • Sending a letter to someone you care about
  • Helping with the laundry
  • Cleaning your room
  • Making your bed
  • Playing with your pet
  • Feeding your pet
  • Clean the bathroom
  • wash the dishes
  • Help carry in groceries
  • Help with recycling
  • Clean up around the yard
  • Donate old toys and books to someone in need

Is there a special Good Deed you don’t see listed that you think is GREAT? Share some of your special moments with others by leaving a post on our Share Your Story Blog. You may have a great idea to inspire others and we may pick your Good Deed to add to our list above!

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Here are some cute ideas for your Angel on your tree. Sometimes she likes to have fun!
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