When should I start with my Angel?

Ideally the first of December.  That is, if you have your tree up then. If not, as soon as your tree is up!

What if I put my Angel on the tree on Dec 10th? When and where do I start recording Good Deeds in the Journal?  

First of all, no matter when you start, be sure the Angel always starts on the bottom branches, if you don’t have a full 24 days, then she will have to move up your tree quicker with some parental guidance. If you start on the tenth, there are two ways to start your Journal: You can simply start at the Day 1 entry and you would finish on the Day 14 entry (as it would be Christmas Eve). Or you can skip a bit into the journal and start journaling on Day 10 and you would finish on the Day 24 entry. Either way, your Angel has plenty of time to shimmy up the tree, so get lots of Good Deeds in quickly!

We have two children in our household. Is there a way to purchase another Angel without also getting the story book? And can we purchase another Journal?

Right now our Angel is sold as a package that includes the  Angel doll, Storybook, and Journal. We hope in the near future to offer all items separately.

What happens if we touch our Angel?

Don’t worry, your Angel will probably just get a little bit over excited and do something crazy, she might even hide from you for a day!  You will have to check on her in the morning.

What if I did a Good Deed and my Angel didn’t move?

Did you record your Good Deed in your Journal?  Maybe she didn’t hear what you whispered in her ear. Or maybe she ate too many candy canes off your tree and was taking a little nap. Don’t worry, just keep those Good Deeds coming, she’ll be moving up your tree in no time!

When Christmas is over, why do we have to pack our Angel away?

Your Angel will spend all of the new year storing up Christmas goodness to be ready for the next Holiday Season.  She will need a long rest to do that. Pack her away gently and she will have a nice sleep.  Before you know it, she will be ready to start her journey again to the top of your tree!

Why can’t I order in bulk?

This year, for the 2016 Christmas Season, we have limited Christmas Tree Angel quantities.  Because of this we are selling one per purchase to keep up with our numbers.  If you would like to order more than one, you certainly can, however you will have to fill out the Buy Now page multiple times.  We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

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